Emma is the newest member of our little family. It was two years this past Sept. 9, that she came to live with us. She was my partner, Jeff’s, mother’s cat.

When Jeff’s mother, Florence, passed away, Emma had no place to go. From the time Jeff’s mother got Emma, I knew we were going to get her when the time came. And sure enough, that is exactly how it turned out. We had two cats already and were not looking to have a third cat. But, we were not going to let anything happen to Emma. So we bought a nice cloth carrying case and off we flew from Washington, DC to Phoenix, AZ.

We don’t know how old Emma was when Florence got her. But, regardless of her age, she was like a perpetual kitten. The two older female cats were NOT happy to see this little runt in their space. They did plenty of hissing and hurried outside to get away from her.

In DC, Emma’s whole life had been lived in an 11th floor apartment. As far as we knew, she had never been outside. So when she got to our house, she was in for some grand new adventures. Not only were there two cats to pester, but, wow, there was a back yard to explore.

She has grown to love being outside. Some days when it is not too hot she will spend the whole day sleeping outside under the plants up next to the house. She explore all around the yard and I have even caught her stalking birds that peck around in the rocks and grass. Not that she would have any clue about what to do with one if she were ever able to catch it.

Our oldest cat, Kali, patrols the fence keeping it clear of those dangerous dragon lizards. The fence is a place that she can go to get away from Emma following her all around the yard.

One day I was watching Emma standing in the grass looking for a piece to chew on. I saw Kali jump down from the fence and come toward Emma. When she got right in front of her, she dropped a lizard right in front of her that she had caught in her forays on the fence.

Emma seemed a little stunned that she had dropped something in front of her, but when the lizard started to scramble a way the chase was on. The lizard managed to get behind a flower pot and Emma and Kali both were running around the pot trying to figure out how to get to it.

Seeing Kali, drop that lizard in front of Emma was such a surprising thing to see. It was like a mother cat bring home a prey for her kitten to have and experience with. Quite something.

Emma loves to sleep. She usually will sleep from mid morning to late afternoon. Sometimes we won’t see her at all until late in the afternoon when she comes wondering out from wherever she has been sleeping. One day, Jeff called me out of my office to come see where Emma was sleeping. I walked down the hall and looked into the bedroom there she was curled up on a pillow on the bed sound a sleep. Jeff said that would make a great picture. I grabbed the camera and took several shots. It’s not just where she had found to sleep but it was the whole scene that was so remarkable. I called the picture. PEACE. Here it is.


Emma has certainly brought her own special joy to our lives and I think I can say she has found her own special peace here with us.